A unique desktop claim solution combining Veterinary and Loss Adjusting expertise.

Launched to complement the Equine and Small Animal Markets.

Services includes:

  • Background research of the animal relating to the claim, including breeding, ownership, and where appropriate competition and training records
  • The tracing and review of previous clinical history
  • Where required, review of pre-purchase Veterinary examination certificates and assessment of radiographs taken at purchase
  • A review of the condition and circumstances leading to the claim
  • Where appropriate liaising with Vets, paraprofessionals, and the Insured
  • Assessment of any radiographs or further diagnostic results relating to the claim
  • Provision of a File Review Report incorporating Veterinary opinion, together with insurance expertise, following detailed assessment of the claim.

Vet Point is recommended for:

  • Claim associated with a recent inception
  • Claim relating to possible pre-existing condition(s)
  • Assessment of whether condition(s) are directly or indirectly related
  • Veterinary Review where no definitive diagnosis has been achieved
  • Loss of Use and Loss of Animal claims, for example where further advice is required regarding the interpretation of the BEVA guidelines for humane destruction
  • Assessment of veterinary fees, and their relevance to the condition concerned
  • Assistance regarding Policy Wordings and Exclusions
  • Identify cases where external investigation is required
  • Complaint Resolution/Contentious Cases
  • Vet Point can be adapted to Client's individual requirements and can be provided in association with the involvement of Equine First Loss Adjusters/Equine First Valuation Service.

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