Well Deserved Promotion...

Posted on May 28, 2013

Equine First are delighted to announce that our current Head of Equine, Nicola Wainwright BSc (Hons) Equine Dip CII, has been promoted to Associate Partner in recognition of her ongoing commitment to Equine First. Since taking the helm in December 2012 Nicola has embraced her role as Head of Equine and Equine First has continued to develop its bespoke services and expand in to new markets.

Nicola commented

"I am thrilled to have been promoted to this post, these are exciting times for the business and the expertise within my team is second to none. Our recent launch of Equine First Valuation Service and VetPoint Services have been proven to add value to Insurers in the management of claims, including those which are contentious.

Our services have been carefully crafted to suit Insurer's needs within the claims procedure, and are also now proving useful for the assessment of risk at Policy inception, particularly for higher value competition horses.

I am also very excited that we are continuing to strengthen and diversify our services within the Companion Animal insurance market, with our in-house Vets working in tandem with our Loss Adjusters. This powerful combination gives our clients a real advantage".

Nicola added "There is never a dull moment when investigating insurance claims, and I am completely committed to ensuring that we continue to provide our high standard of service to all Parties".

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Pastures New & Exciting

Posted on December 05, 2012

Equine First are delighted to announce that Nicola Wainwright BSc (Hons) Equine Dip CII has moved into the role of Head of Equine; Nicola joined us in 2011 and has embraced and excelled in her Loss Adjusting career, surpassing our expectations and providing a platform for our growth and diversification.

Nicola brings a wealth of Equine knowledge and having operated for many years within the insurance broking sector, fully understands the role and importance of all involved in the industry.

Nicola commented

"2013 will see investment, growth and diversification at Equine First as we are unencumbered, committed and have the necessary expertise in-house to provide added value to our Clients.

Our comprehensive range of services can be tailored to meet individual needs and with the increasing spotlight on Fraud in insurance, including the Pet sector, we have augmented our resources by experts from this allied field.

The launch of our EF Valuation Service is unique, augmented by our Validation Team and our in-house VetPoint input, ensuring the Opinion is verified.

Pets too have not been forgotten, and our PetFirst brand provides the empathy and expertise with which we are renowned.

We firmly believe that our strength and future lies in our diversification and ability to adapt".

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